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I use the Simply Citrus Shea butter for my waves. It makes my hair look shiny and healthy. I love it. I will definitely be buying more of your product before I get stationed in Japan 

Gregory C.

The body oil is doing magical things for me, I swear. I got on medication for my acne at the end of last year but it wasn't doing anything for my acne scars. I've been using the body oil on my face 3x a week and not only are the acne scars fading way faster, but my cheeks and forehead look so good! It seriously wows me! Mornings after I use it I swear I radiate.

Suzanna E.

Awo Butters Body Oil is the only oil that doesn't just sit on top of my skin and feel greasy. It absorbs so nicely into your skin and just leaves you looking gloomy and dewy with a nice sheen on top of your skin. I love it so much!

Zoey P.

I purchased Livley Lemon Oil. It's amazing! my skin has been GLOWING!

Daphne H.

The Shea Butter id pure and the products are beautifully presented from the label to the recyclable glass bottle. it's an affordable price and the owner has put so much thought into every detail. This company is passionate about helping others.

Traci W.

ugh the Citrus Lotion and it is wonder  full. It has wound up being the best aftersun/ sunburn cream I have ever used.

I have have really dry skin and since I've started using the Body Oil it has been hydrated and smooth.

VERY IMPRESSED! I was searching for a product yo prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy and this skincare line has really helped!

I Bought the Simply Citrus Shea Butter lotion and the Livles lemon body oil and I love them! My skin looks healthy and glowing, plus they both smell amazing. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

Chelsea M.

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